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Archives search Find historic documents, photos, correspondence, maps and plans of the city.
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Cemeteries search

Access burial and cremation records for Bolton Street, Karori and Makara cemeteries.

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Change of address

Change your address on council record.

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Community directory

Find and add community-based groups, organisations and venues in Wellington (maintained by users).

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Comment, report or request something

Give feedback, report something or request repairs to Wellington City Council property.

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Dog re-registration

Re-register and update the information of a dog that is already registered with Wellington City Council.

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Subscribe to receive eNewsletters about news and events in areas that interest you.

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Create, view or sign petitions to Wellington City Council on matters relevant to Council's business.

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Funding and grant applications

Apply online for Council funding for community projects.

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Pay online

Make one-off credit card payments for various Council services and consents.

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Property, land and building reports

Apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM), Property Report or Building Information Report. View » Property, land and building reports

Property search

View rates, aerial photos, property and valuation information on residential and commercial addresses.

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Public input

Give feedback or submissions on public consultations and public notices.

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Rates invoice and valuation notice by email

Opt-in to get your rates invoice and rating valuation notice emailed to you.

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Rates payments online

Pay your rates online using your Visa or MasterCard.

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Solicitors' Statement of Accounts

Please try clearing your cache and browsing history before lodging an SSOA request. This service provides a property Statement of Account, and is available only to registered users.

Registration Form

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Web alerts

Subscribe to receive email alerts about meetings, news releases, consultations, rates reminders and resource consent notices.

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Wellington maps (former WebMap)

Maps about property, recreation and culture, environment and waste, and more.

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