Te whakatū taiapa i ngā puna kaukau me ngā puna waiwera
Pool and spa fencing

You must have a barrier around a swimming pool on your property. Spa pools can use lockable lids as long as they meet the requirements.

If your property has a pool

Whether you own or rent a property with a pool, it’s your responsibility to make sure it has a barrier around it that complies with the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2017.

All pools in Wellington City should be on our pools register, and swimming pools must be inspected through a pool audit every 3 years. Small heated pools, like hot tubs and spas, do not need to be inspected if they meet the requirements. 

You can choose to have a pool audit carried out by the Council or an independently qualified pool inspector.

Pool audits

Check if your pool is on our register

We keep a register of all pools in Wellington City so they can be inspected.

Phone the Building Compliance team on 04 801 4311 if you want to:

  • check if a pool, hot tub or spa is on the register
  • report a non-compliant pool
  • find out if a pool has been removed from the register.

How to make sure your pool barrier is compliant

All pools more than 40cm deep must have a physical barrier that:

  • is at least 120cm high
  • surrounds the pool and part or all of the area around it
  • has nothing on the outside that a child could use to climb over it.

For small heated pools – like a spa or hot tub – the barrier may cover the pool itself.

Gates must:

  • open away from the pool
  • not be able to be easily opened by children
  • close automatically after use.

If you're building a new pool

You'll need to get a building consent first. This is because installing a pool fence is considered building work under the Building Act 2004.

Building consents

Need help?

Our Building Compliance team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Phone: 04 499 4444
Email:  bccpoolaudits@wcc.govt.nz