Te Tauhokohoko i ngā Wāhi Tūmatanui
Trading in public places

Trading and events in our public spaces keep our city vibrant, diverse, and inspiring.

We want to make Wellington a great place to, live, work and play. Our markets, outdoor dining, busking, food trucks and events play an important part in that. We ensure our footpaths, streets, waterfront area, gardens and reserves are all lively, active, and safe for everyone to use.

Our Trading and Events in Public Places Policy 2021 lays out the rules and guidelines for how our public spaces are to be used and managed.

They ensure that trading and events in our public spaces:

  • encourage a vibrant, diverse, cultural city, where be can be active
  • maintain standards of public health and safety, and accessibility to footpaths and thoroughfares
  • protect our culture, heritage, and natural environments
  • minimise the effects on private property and businesses.