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Make an official complaint to Council

The Council is committed to resolving complaints you have about its policies and service delivery.

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The best way to let us know about something that's broken or report an issue, such as a missed rubbish collection or graffiti is through our online form below.

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What is an official complaint?

An official complaint is sometimes known as a formal complaint.  You can make an official complaint when: 

  • we have not done what we said we would do
  • you disagree with a decision we have made 
  • you are unhappy with the way our staff or contractors have behaved 
  • we have not provided good service.

There will also be times where the comments from your complaint will not be considered an official complaint; in this instance you will be informed that your comments will be referred to the appropriate team.

Who manages your complaint?

Wellington City Council manages different types of complaints based on how they enter the Council.

Customer Services team

The first time that a complaint is raised with the Council, for example, via a phone call, it will follow a standard complaints management process with the appropriate area.

Manager of a team

If the complaint you have raised has not resulted in an appropriate resolution or you have concerns about the way the Council has dealt with you, you can ask for a manager to look into your complaint.

Assurance team

A complaint may be handled by the Risk and Assurance team for the following reasons:

  • the complaint is complex or has significant risk attached to it
  • a Council employee (or former employee) wants to report wrongdoing to ensure integrity and accountability within the organisation. The Protected Disclosures Act 2000 (or “Whistle blowers” Act) protects employees who make such disclosures.

These complaints are managed on a case by case basis.

How to make a complaint to the Assurance team

You can make a complaint to the Risk & Assurance team through our official complaint tool.

Next steps

Our teams will investigate your complaint:

  • to make sure that you were treated fairly in your dealings with the Council by reviewing the circumstances around the issue or complaint
  • by working with you with the aim of reaching a resolution that reasonably satisfies all parties
  • to improve future dealings between the public and the Council by making changes when improvements are identified.

Speaking with a councillor

See how to contact the elected members who make up the Council.