Te Tākongakonga o Kiwi Point
Kiwi Point Quarry

Kiwi Point Quarry produces and sells aggregate and other products for construction and landscaping.

Kiwi Point Quarry in Ngauranga Gorge belongs to Wellington City Council and is operated by Leach Kiwi Point, as of 1 June 2021.


The quarry is close to the Wellington central business district. Take the left-hand lane heading up the Ngauranga Gorge and the Kiwi Point exit.

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Monday to Friday: 7.30am–5pm
Saturday: 7.30am-2pm

The Quarry is closed on public holidays.

Products for sale

Quarry products are not available in small quantities. Products are sold by weight (tonne), and are subject to availability.

Aggregate sales

Product code Product
KPM4  KP 40mm Basecourse M4 
KPBHF  KP Blue Hard Fill
KPD14  KP Drainage 14-5mm 
KPD20  KP Drainage 20 mm 
KPD40  KP Drainage 40-20mm 
KPGAB  KP Gabion Rock (on demand and subject to availability) 
KPHF  KP Hard Fill (Brown) 
KPD8  KP Peametal 8mm 
KPRS05  KP Recrete® Bedding Sand 
KPRBM  KP Recrete® Builders Mix 
KPRD14  KP Recrete® Drainage 14-5 mm 
KPRD20  KP Recrete® Drainage 20 mm 
KPRD40  KP Recrete® Drainage 40 -20 mm 
KPR20  KP Recrete GAP 20 
KPR40  KP Recrete GAP 40 
KPR65 KP Recrete GAP 65
KP Underfloor bedding sand 5mm
  Special Products (please make any special request to KiwiPoint Quarry Office) 

Disposal products

Product code Product
DCC Clean concrete (Set)
DCSLP  Concrete sleepers 
GWO  Gross Weight Only 
DCHR  Heavy reinforcement, oversized structures 
DMILL  Millings / Asphalt 
DCLR Mixed concrete, light reinforcement, soil contamination
DPP  Power poles 
DRMC  RMC / Wet - Concrete Sludge 

Order a product

To order a product, email sales@leachkp.co.nz or call 0800 532 2457.

Contact us

Phone: 0800 LEACH KP (0800 532 2457)
Email: accounts@leachkp.co.nzsales@leachkp.co.nz
Postal address: PO Box 40120, Upper Hutt 5140