Apply for a water connection

Find out how to apply for a new water connection, or how to have your current water connection changed, moved or disconnected. Use the checklist below to help you apply.

Application fees

You need to pay your application fee to the Council when you apply. If you apply online, you will need to pay your fee via credit or debit card to submit your application.

Service Charge
Residential connection $61.50
per connection
Other (eg commercial, fire service) $205.00
per connection
Greenfield subdivision No fees
Disconnection / meter / backflow preventer $61.50
per disconnection
per item
Inspection / re-inspection $65.00
per inspection

Lodge your application

If you want to discuss any part of your application, contact:

Wellington Water
Level 4, IBM House
125 Victoria Street

Phone: (04) 912 4400
Website: Wellington Water

Application checklist

As well as the completed form and the fee, you may also need to supply:

  • an A4-sized plan showing property boundaries, existing water services, and the proposed works
  • fire flow and pressure tests by a certified party for all fire connection applications
  • fire sprinkler designs for new residential fire sprinkler system connection applications
  • design calculations for other supply situations where required by Wellington Water.

Submit your application and fee

Complete the Water Supply Service Application form. It includes guidelines for how to apply and the terms and conditions for a connection:

Apply online

If you cannot apply online, you can still complete a paper application form and drop it off at the Council Service Centre.

Water Supply Service Application Form (129KB PDF)

Approval process

Wellington Water will process your application. Wellington Water manages water, stormwater and wastewater services for the Council.

Wellington Water will contact you to let you know whether or not they've approved your application. If your application's approved, they'll send you a list of approved water supply contractors with the approval letter.

You can then get quotes from the approved contractors and choose one to do the work. The installation contractor will charge costs directly to you.

Backflow Prevention Containment Policy

The Council has strict criteria about the conditions under which you can connect to the city's water supply system. The Backflow Prevention Containment Policy is in place to reduce the risk of water supply contamination by backflow from connections to the water supply system.

For more information, see: Backflow Prevention Containment Policy