Organising an event

Sometimes you need to get special permission from the Council to hold street events. If you are planning a protest march or demonstration in public places, let us know the details.

Notify the City Events team and Streets Activities team if you are organising an activity or event that may:

  • affect vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • increase traffic to a specific area (concerts, sports)
  • require a road or footpath closure (parades, marches, runs, rallies)
  • require signage next to a road.

City Events
Street activities email:

Events on the waterfront

You can make a booking request to hold an event at one of the following locations:

Book a Wellington Waterfront venue

These venues are free to non-profit organisations, community events and charity events.

Permission to use a road or footpath

Any organisation, business or individual who is planning an activity that requires closure of a vehicle lane, parking area or footpath needs permission from the Council. This could apply to the following activities:

  • a parade, street celebration or cultural event
  • a race or run.

Apply for permission

To apply for permission, please fill in the application form and send to the Street Activities Coordinator.

We take about 10 working days to process requests for simple closures. Complex closures can take much longer, depending on the scale of your event.

Fees may apply to recover administration and planning costs.

If you have any questions, or would like to give us feedback on the licence process, email or phone the street activities coordinator on 04 499 4444.

Planning meeting

Once you have applied for permission, a meeting is arranged with either the City Events team or Road Protection team to review any other requirements that are relevant to your event. These may include:

  • traffic and pedestrian management plans
  • emergency management plans
  • risk management issues
  • health and safety
  • public liability insurance.

Waste management

If you’re planning an event with more than 1,000 people outdoors, or more than 5,000 people indoors, you’ll need to submit an Event Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. Following the introduction of the Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2020, this plan is required for all significant events in Wellington City.

Protest marches and demonstrations 

If you are planning a protest march or demonstration in public places (for example, on a footpath or road corridor), we recommend you contact us and the Police on their non-emergency 105 phoneline with the details. This allows the Council and Police to make appropriate arrangements, provide you with further information, and make sure your event doesn’t clash with another planned event.  

Please email the Council at – it is helpful to provide the following details: 

  • organiser's name and details
  • anticipated number of participants
  • reason for the protest march or demonstration
  • where it’s starting from
  • where it’s finishing
  • the route of the march
  • date
  • start time
  • finish time.

Temporary traffic management

If you need to close a road, parking area or footpath, we encourage you to organise temporary traffic management. This is for the protection and safety of your protesters and the public. You will need to engage your own contractor who will work with the Council to gain permissions and approvals. Contact to discuss.

Events with food stalls

Event organisers must check that any food stallholders:

  • have a food registration certificate, if they are selling food as a business, or
  • understand food safety requirements, if they are fundraising.

See also:

What we need to know

Before the event takes place, you must complete the application form below, including:

  • a list of all stallholders
  • details of the equipment supplied for the event by the organiser
  • get all stallholders to provide information required in the application form.

During the event

An environmental health officer will usually be on hand to inspect and give advice, to make sure that food being sold to the public meets required standards.

Event checklist

The checklist below is to help organisers of community events.

Some of the things in this list may not be appropriate for every event, but using a checklist like this can help organisers plan ahead.

Contact us

Toby Acheson, Senior Advisor
Events, Logistics and Venues 

Street Activities
Wellington City Council

Phone: 04 499 4444


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