Fundraisers and sausage sizzles

If you are selling food to raise money, you don't need a food registration certificate as long as you operate fewer than 20 times a year.

How it works

You don't need a food registration certificate to sell food at a sausage sizzle or other fundraiser (for example, a school fair) – as long as you operate fewer than 20 times a year.

If you want to sell food more than 20 times a year, you'll need to apply for a food registration certificate.

Food stalls

Safe sausage sizzles

Sausages must be fresh, good quality and ideally pre-cooked. 

Before the event:

  • Buy sausages from a reliable source, as close to the event as possible
  • Store sausages in a clean fridge
  • Do all preparation, including chopping onions and buttering bread
  • Transport and store the sausages in chilly bins with ice packs
  • Always keep food in clean covered containers to protect it from contamination by dust, animals, insects and people

During the event:

  • Clearly display the name of the organisation running the sausage sizzle
  • Have at least two people, preferably three, running the stall – one person should only handle money
  • Food handlers must wear clean clothing, an apron, and their hair must be tied back or under a cap
  • Wash hands and replace gloves often
  • Do not prepare any other meat, including chicken
  • Use suitable utensils, such as tongs, for handling food – do not touch the food with your hands
  • Use different tongs for cooked and uncooked food
  • Cook the sausages properly, so they are hot in the centre
  • Serve food on single-serve serviettes or paper plates
  • Do not leave large quantities of sausages in chilly bins for long periods – use a fridge as a back-up where possible

School fairs and larger fundraising events

School fairs usually have a number of food stalls, ranging from registered trucks and stalls to whānau making food at home for the event.

Event organisers need to provide information about food safety to the Council, along with details from all their stallholders.

Organising an event

Where you can sell food

You can sell food as part of a fundraiser on any private property, as long as it is in a zone that permits commercial activities and you have the permission of the owner.

If you want to trade in a public space (for example, on road reserve, or in a park or sportsfield), you'll need to apply to the Council for a trading licence. We generally won't allow sales on a public road or footpath.

Trading in public spaces

If you want to trade as part of a market or event, contact the organiser – they will deal with us on your behalf.

Organising an event

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