Community events sponsorship

This fund supports community events sponsorship.

This fund is now closed to new applications.

For further information or to discuss your 2024/25 event, please contact

Fund details

Contact: City Events Team to discuss eligibility and details of your event,
Value: Most sponsorship sits in the range of $1,000 to $10,000

About community events sponsorship

Community Events Sponsorship helps community events to succeed in Wellington through facilitation, partnering and advocating.

Proposals are considered by the events staff at Wellington City Council. Contact us if you would like to discuss community event sponsorship

Our definition of a Community Event is where the target audience is a particular community or celebrates a particular community (geographic communities or communities with a shared interest or culture). We are interested in supporting new ideas and events. 

We can also assist events to succeed in Wellington through facilitation, partnering and advocating.

Sponsorship objectives

  • To meet key objectives of the Aho Tini Arts Strategy of council. 
  • To ensure that Wellington fosters diversity and culture within the community. 
  • To support a vibrant community and cultural events programme. 
  • To encourage community events and cultural festivals that contribute to local identity, social cohesion and resilience.


1. The event should be able to clearly meet at least one of these Aho Tini Strategy focus areas

Aho Tangata

Our people are connected, engaged, inclusive, accessible communities.

  • Reflect the increasing diversity of our communities, and encourage access, availability and participation in arts and cultural events.
  • Enhance local vibrancy for, and with, communities.

Aho Hononga

Partnership with mana whenua and Māori.

  • Encourage respectful use of tikanga.
  • Ensure that toi Māori and Te Reo Māori are highly visible.

Aho Whenua

The city is alive with the possibility of arts and events around every corner

  • Support creativity through enabling artists and communities. Acknowledgement of the whenua on which the event occurs and its history.

Aho Mahi

Wellington is an incredible place to create, live, learn and work.

  • Attract, develop and sustain talent.

2. You will need to be a legally constituted community group or organisation

This includes:

  • Charitable trusts
  • incorporated societies
  • limited or registered companies.

3. Audience demographic

Your event is:

  • Wellington-based and mainly benefits the community of Wellington.
  • Attracts an audience greater than 1000 people.
  • Accessible to diverse audiences and the wider community.

4. Financial sustainability

A percentage of your event income is self-generated and/or external funding (sponsorship and grants) is gained.

5. Cost to the public

Your event is free to attend or low-priced.

6. Credibility

Your organisers, contractors and sub-contractor are experienced and have a good reputation of event delivery and event safe practices.

As an applicant, you can provide evidence of sound financial management, good employment practice, clear and detailed planning and reporting processes.

Contact us

To discuss eligibility and details of your event:

For any questions using the funding portal:

Phil Railton-Jacks, Funding and Process Advisor
Mobile: 021 515 514