Your building project checklist

What to do when you’re planning a building project.

1. Find out which consents and permissions you need

Depending on the type of project you're planning, you may need one or more consents or permissions from the Council before you can start work. 

The two main consents are:

  • resource consent – this is a written decision from the Council about something that may affect the environment or your community – for example, building a deck close to a property's boundary
  • building consent – this confirms that proposed building work complies with the Building Code.

You may also need other permissions from the Council – for example, vehicle access approval if you're building a new driveway.

Consents and permissions you might need

2. Get professional help

Most people will need professional help to design their project and apply for consents. Find out who to hire and when.

Using an agent to prepare your application

Hiring professionals and tradespeople

You can also discuss your proposal with us before you submit a resource or building consent application – this is recommended for large or complex projects.

Talk to us before you apply

3. Understand the costs involved

The fees we charge to assess consent applications depend on the type and scope of the work you're proposing. Before you can estimate what your consents will cost, you'll need to have some initial plans prepared.

How resource consent fees work

How building consent fees work

4. Prepare your application

Before you're ready to apply, you may need to do things like:

  • request copies of documents about your property
  • prepare plans and supporting documents
  • talk to your neighbours if they could be affected by the work.

Before you apply for a resource consent

Before you apply for a building consent

5. Apply for your consents

If you need both resource and building consent, you should apply for your resource consent first. 

Applying for a resource consent

Applying for a building consent

6. After you apply

It can take up to 20 working days for us to process your resource or building consent application. Resource consents that affect neighbours or the community can take a lot longer.

You may also be asked for more information while we're assessing your application, which can add to the time it takes for us to process it.

How we assess your resource consent application

How we assess your building consent application

7. While work is under way

Once your building consent is issued, you can start work. During this time, you'll need to do things like:

  • let us know that work has started (and who's doing it)
  • make sure required inspections and monitoring are carried out
  • collect documents and certificates from your tradespeople.

While building work is under way

Once all building work is finished, you also need to apply for a code compliance certificate to show that the work meets the Building Code.

Applying for a code compliance certificate