Applying for a code compliance certificate

You must apply for a code compliance certificate when your building work has finished. It proves the work complies with the Building Code and your building consent.

Why you need a code compliance certificate

A code compliance certificate (also known as a CCC) is the evidence that building work meets the Building Code and matches the building consent. 

You may need a CCC when you're:

  • selling your home
  • applying for loans or other financing
  • applying for insurance.

If your property has unconsented building work

When to apply

We follow the application process outlined in Section 92 of the Building Act 2004.

Apply for your CCC:

  • after all building work under the building consent is completed
  • after all inspections have been done.

We recommend finishing your building work and applying for your CCC within 24 months of your building consent being granted. If you apply for your CCC before building work is finished or with incomplete information, you'll need to re-apply and pay for the processors’ time. 

If you need more time to finish your building work, you must apply for an extension of time.

Apply for an extension of time

How to apply

1. Collect your documents and certificates

As part of your application, you'll need to include copies of all the documents and certificates you've collected from your contractors.

You'll also need to provide evidence of ownership that's less than 3 months old. This could be a record of title, lease, or sale and purchase agreement.

Documents and certificates to collect

2. Complete the form

Application for code compliance certificate (396KB PDF)

3. Submit your application

You don't need to pay a fee when you apply for your CCC – the fee was included in what you paid with your building consent application.

Building consent fees

In person

By post or email

4. Book your final inspection

We recommend booking your final inspection as soon as all work is finished. The inspections required are listed on your building consent document.

Building inspections

5. The building work is assessed

Once your complete application has been received, the statutory clock of 20 working days for processing begins. The statutory clock may be stopped if a request for information (RFI) is made. The statutory clock does not restart until all of the information requested in an RFI has been received. We will make a decision on whether to issue or refuse your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) within 20 working days. 

Your application will take longer if:

  • you haven't supplied all the required documents
  • we need more information
  • there are extra fees you need to pay.

If we need more information

If you have extra fees to pay

If you're owed money

6. The CCC is issued

We'll issue your CCC as long as we're satisfied that:

  • the building work complies with the building consent
  • any specified systems being altered or added are capable of performing to the performance standards set out in the building consent.

The CCC will be recorded in land information memoranda (LIMs) and property reports for your property.

If it's a commercial building or you have a cable car

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