Before you apply for a building consent

Once you know you need a building consent, there are things you need to do before you apply.

Check other rules and permissions that may apply

Depending on your project, you may need to follow different rules or apply for other Council permissions as well as a building consent.

Check other rules that may apply

Decide who's doing the work

Most people will need professional help to design their project and complete the work. Your designer or lead contractor can also apply for consents on your behalf.

Using an agent to prepare your application

Hiring professionals and tradespeople

You may be able to do restricted building work on your home yourself if you meet the criteria for an owner-builder exemption.

Doing building work yourself

Request Council documents

Before you apply for a building consent, you may want to request the information we already have about your property.

Request Council documents

Project information memorandum (PIM)

Meet with us if your project is complex

You can discuss your proposal with us before you submit a building consent application – this is recommended for large, complex or technical projects.

Building consent pre-application meetings