Types of waste accepted

Check which types of waste you can recycle or dispose of safely, and how to save on tip fees.

Waste at the landfill.

Things to think about before you drop off waste

The Southern Landfill is Wellington's only remaining landfill - so we need to minimise the amount of waste going there.

Every year, New Zealanders send on average over a tonne of rubbish per household to a landfill. Most of this waste is not reprocessed or recycled, and doesn't break down over time.

Disposing of waste at landfills means we are not using our resources efficiently, and contributes directly to pollution.

Reduce, reuse and recycle your waste

You can help by:

Sort and save

Save money by sorting out your rubbish beforehand. The first drop-off points at the landfill are the recycling station and the Tip Shop. The rest of your waste can be taken to the transfer station at the top of the site.

Recycling station

You can drop off the following types of waste at the recycling station bins:

  • glass bottles
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic
  • aluminium cans.

Clothes can be put into the clothing bins (which are run by a private organisation), or taken to the Tip Shop.

The Tip Shop

You can donate goods in reasonable condition to the Tip Shop at the recycling station.

Landfill waste accepted

The landfill includes general, green and hazardous waste disposal areas. Charges may apply on certain items.

You can drop off the following types of waste at this landfill:

  • general domestic and commercial waste
  • clean fill (prior approval required)
  • car bodies, trailers and motorbikes
  • computer screens
  • dead animals
  • fridge / freezers and other kitchen appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers
  • green waste
  • household hazardous waste  
  • paint tins
  • sewage / toxic waste 
  • smoke alarms (notify landfill staff)
  • contaminated soil (conditions and prior approval required)
  • tyres
  • polystyrene (prior approval required)
  • Myrtle Rust contaminated green waste

Commercial clean fill cover or capping materials

You need prior approval to dispose of clean fill cover or capping materials at the landfill. We'll need to issue you with a permit number before your delivery will be accepted. 



Application for commercial clean fill cover or capping materials (656KB PDF)

To get approval, complete the application form above in full at least 48 hours before delivery so that there's no delay in processing your application.

Contaminated soil disposal

How to apply

Before you can dispose of substances at the landfill that can endanger human health, like contaminated soil, you must complete the following checklist:

  • fill in the Application for Disposal of Contaminated Soil Form (below)
  • have the material tested (See Ministry for the Environment guidelines)
  • attach the TCLP test results to your application form.


Application for Disposal of Contaminated Soil (42KB PDF)



Text version (69KB RTF)

Processing times

Landfill staff need at least 48 hours to process your application and prepare for your delivery.



Application for Disposal of Special Waste (114KB PDF)



Application for disposal of Asbestos (151KB PDF)

Asbestos and special waste disposal

If you want to dispose of substances that can endanger human health, such as asbestos, complete this application form.

Refusal of entry

Under the waste bylaws, we can refuse entry to the landfill if a user is not complying our terms and conditions. For example:

  • No one is to remove or disturb any deposit of waste or diverted material or remove any article or material of any kind from the landfill, unless the Council authorises them to do so. This includes recyclable materials.
  • We have the right to refuse to accept certain types of waste.
  • Owners and operators of vehicles should be aware that we may randomly audit their waste and waste containers whether carried in a vehicle, trailer, or by some other means.

Other waste disposal options


You can recycle eWaste at several locations around Wellington.

Commercial hazardous waste disposal

Commercial quantities of hazardous waste can be disposed of at:

Transpacific Technical Services

Phone 04 568 0780
Fax 04 568 0787
Street Address 59 Port Road
Lower Hutt