Electrical waste (ewaste)

Ewaste is considered any small to medium device or appliance that plugs in or uses batteries. Most electrical waste (ewaste) can be dropped off for free at the Southern Landfill's Tip Shop.

Picture of broken phones which are a form of ewaste

Recycling your unwanted electronic equipment means that it will be managed and disposed of safely and responsibly, in ways that are not damaging to the health of people or the environment.

Ewaste (small and medium devices and appliances) 

Ewaste must be separated from general waste and dropped off at the Tip Shop for reuse or recycling. Most types of ewaste can be recycled for free.

Drop off the following free of charge:

  • computers, laptops, tablets, and typewriters
  • drills, regulators, and thermostats
  • garden and power tools
  • home entertainment equipment including radios, hi-fi, stereos, record players, DVD and video players
  • household electrical appliances such as toasters, microwaves, fans, fryers, vacuum cleaners, irons, scales, sewing machines
  • mobile phones and cell phones
  • musical instruments such as electric keyboards, guitars and drum kits
  • printers and scanners

TV's and monitors have a $30 charge. They often contain leaded glass and mercury which must be stripped out, prepared and processed. The charge covers the cost of processing and is in line with other recyclers.

Don't forget to remove your data

Before donating your unwanted electronic devices, make sure you have signed out of any accounts linked to those devices (such as Apple, Samsung or Google accounts) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how to properly remove any personal information (such as photos and videos).

Whiteware and larger appliances  

Large appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and ovens should be taken to the Transfer Station where there is a dedicated drop off area; general waste charges apply. Items requiring degassing will incur a $25 fee.  

Check out our Before you visit section before dropping off your waste.

Other ewaste recyclers

Sustainability Trust, in central Wellington, accepts unwanted electronic equipment for a fee. For more information please visit the Sustainability Trust website