Domestic hazardous waste accepted at the Southern Landfill

Up to 20kg or 20L of domestic hazardous waste is accepted free of charge for safe disposal.

Hazardous household waste must be separated out from other general rubbish. It may not be disposed of into the Transfer Station pit. 

At the Transfer Station, hazardous items should be put in the Hazardous Waste Storage Facility on the right side of the Transfer Station. 

The following hazardous items are accepted free of charge:

  • Batteries - domestic batteries, including lithium-ion, and used car acid batteries
  • Paints, oils, chemicals, fuels, and solvents 
  • Pesticides and other toxic compounds 
  • Containers that previously held any of the above liquids 
  • CFL power-saving lightbulbs and other fluorescent lamps (we accept 20 per household waste – wrap them in newspaper or in their original packaging)
  •  All types of gas bottles and cylinders
  • Smoke and heat alarms (notify landfill staff)

Check our Before you visit section before dropping off your waste.

Protect the environment

Never put paint, solvents or liquid waste into stormwater drains. The stormwater system flows without treatment into streams and the sea. These liquids poison marine and freshwater creatures, destroy habitats and disrupt ecosystems.