Things to think about before you drop off waste

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to save on tip fees and save the planet.

Not everything needs to go into the ground

The Southern Landfill is Wellington City's only remaining landfill – so we need to minimise the amount of waste going there.

On average, New Zealanders send over a tonne of rubbish per household to landfill every year. This waste is not reprocessed or recycled, and doesn't break down significantly over time. Disposing of waste at landfills means we are not using our resources efficiently.

The Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2020 provides rules and controls to help reduce the amount of waste going to our landfill.

Hazardous waste, green waste, tyres, ewaste, batteries and recyclable materials now need to be separated out before entering the Southern Landfill site.

Reduce, reuse and recycle your waste

You can help by:

Planning your visit to the Southern Landfill

Tip Shop and Recycle Centre

When you arrive at the Southern Landfill site, please visit the Tip Shop and Recycle Centre first.

At the Tip Shop you can drop off various items for resale or recycling.

The following types of recyclables need to be dropped off at the Recycle Centre bins:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic grocery packaging with the numbers 1, 2 and 5
  • aluminium cans and steel tins.

Then head up to the Transfer Station.

Transfer Station

We have collection points at the Transfer Station for hazardous household waste (including leaking or damaged batteries and car/truck batteries). Find out more about the kinds of waste accepted and what to take where.

Any remaining waste which can’t be separated out goes into the Transfer Station pit and from there into the landfill.

As you enter the Transfer Station please let our weigh bridge staff know if you have items to separate out. If you have more than one type of waste you may be asked to loop back through the weighbridge so that the correct charges can be applied.

Map of the landfill showing the tip shop and recycle centre at the first turn on the right, and the transfer station further along the road.

Loading your vehicle - remember, last on, first off

This will ensure that you can unpack your load quickly and easily at the different drop off areas. Keep the same materials together in piles in your trailer or vehicle and load up in order below:

Cartoon image of a trailer showing the first thing you put on your trailer is the last thing to come off, asking people to load their trailers according to the layout of the landfill.

Load it right - cover it tight

Always remember to ensure your load is secured. Use a cover or net, tie down straps or ropes. Loads not adequately secured will be turned away due to the risk to people, cars, and the environment.