Resident parking

If you live in a resident zone, you can apply for a resident permit or a coupon exemption permit, to park in your zone.

Residents' parking sign.

There are resident parking zones in Clifton, Kelburn, Kilbirnie, Miramar South, Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Newtown, Te Aro and Thorndon. This is part of our transport strategy for managing traffic and parking in the city.

Permit options

Resident and coupon parking spaces are clearly signposted and our parking officers monitor them to ensure they are only used by permit holders.

Having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

Resident parking permit

You can park in either resident or coupon parking spaces in a zone.

You can apply for a maximum of:

  • two resident permits per household, or
  • one permit per household in a multi-unit dwelling (three or more units at one address).

The permit is valid from the date your application is approved. Most resident parking areas operate at all times, unless the signs state otherwise. Check the nearest signs for any restrictions.  Miramar South is a separate scheme which operates differently to resident parking permits. See Miramar South parking for details. This scheme will be monitored for the first six months.  To give feedback on the Miramar South 24 hour parking scheme email

Resident parking permits cost $195.00 for 12 months. This is non-refundable.

Coupon exemption permit

You can only park in coupon parking spaces within a parking zone – you can't park in resident car parks.

Coupon exemption permits cost $120.00 for 12 months from approval date. This is non-refundable.

Are you eligible?

You can apply for a parking permit if your main residence is within a residential parking area, as specified on the eligibility maps.

* Note for Kelburn residents: Only Central Terrace residents can use their resident permit on Central Terrace, where a Special Street Scheme operates.

Apply for a permit

Before you start your application, have these documents ready: 

  • Evidence that you live at your address. This could be:
    • a full utility bill no more than 3 months old (electricity/gas or landline/broadband) with your name and your address on it
    • a copy of your tenancy agreement signed within the last 12 months with your name and address on it
    • a letter from your landlord signed within the last 12 months.
  • If you don’t own the vehicle, include a letter from the owner authorising you to use it.
  • All vehicles must have a current warrant of fitness and registration.
  • If your vehicle is not registered to the same address as your application, you can change your address online – NZ Transport Agency.

Apply online

Once we receive your application, we will email you within 10 days with the result of your application. If you are successful, we will post the permit to you.

Display your permit inside the front windscreen on the passenger side of the vehicle.

We may review your application at any time to ensure the permit scheme is administered correctly. Should the review highlight an error, we will contact you and may ask for further information. If your application no longer meets or fails to meet the permit criteria, your permit may be revoked.

New vehicle or new address? 

If you buy a new vehicle or move to a new address, you'll need a new permit.

You can ask us to transfer any remaining time to a new permit. Please remove the original permit from your vehicle and send it to us so we can transfer your remaining time. Even if the permit comes off in pieces, it’s important that we see all or parts of the old permit.

Public holidays

Resident parking applies at all times - including public holidays. This is to make sure residents have parking close to their homes.

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