Permit conditions

Read our parking permit conditions.

Temporary permits

Temporary permits may be issued when residents have the short-term use of a courtesy vehicle and the vehicle with the permit is not in use. Email to apply for a temporary permit.

A temporary permit can be issued for up to 4 weeks and will only be granted if an existing resident permit has been issued.

After the expiry of the temporary permit, an alternative location must be found to park the vehicle.

Transfer of permits

Permits cannot be transferred between applicants. Should a current permit holder change their vehicle, contact the Parking Permits team at for a replacement permit.

For Berhampore and Newtown west parking permits, you can change your vehicle plate number in our online platform, Whakatutuki.

Permit renewal

All permits are subject to a re-application process and permits do not automatically renew. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that they apply for the correct permit and apply before any current permits expire. Existing permit holders may be invited to renew their permit, and subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, their application will be assessed and issued based on the allocation process.


If a resident no longer requires a permit (for example, moves out of the area or sells their vehicle), they should notify the Council as soon as possible. The permit will be cancelled, and a partial refund may be processed if there is more than 3 months remaining until expiry.

Stolen/lost permits

If a permitted vehicle is stolen, a permit holder can get a replacement permit. A replacement permit will be issued provided the applicant still meets the eligibility criteria and can provide proof of loss or theft of the permit or vehicle – such as a police incident report.

Moving home

When a permit holder moves out of an eligible parking scheme area, either to a new scheme area or an area without a scheme, they should inform the Council as soon as possible that they no longer live within that area. If they have moved to an address within a resident parking scheme area and the property is withing an eligible zone boundary, they may apply for a new permit for the new address if the permit cap has not yet been reached. Proof of residence for the new address and a change of vehicle address are required with the new application.

There is no guarantee that a person will be able to get a permit for their new address/within the new residential area.

Payment instalments for Berhampore and Newtown west

Residents may opt to pay the annual permit fee by instalments or in full. The Council will specify the payment amount and due date of each instalment.

The first instalment must be made at the time of application and is required before a resident parking permit will be issued.

Each payment will activate the permit for the equivalent period, for example, a quarterly payment validates parking for 3 months and a monthly payment validates the parking for a single month.

At the time of application, a payment schedule will be agreed with the due date of each payment specified. All payments must be received before or on the instalment due date for the permit to remain issued. Non-payment is considered a breach of the permit conditions.

If payment is not received by the due date, the permit will be revoked for a breach of payment conditions, meaning the vehicle will no longer be exempt from the parking restriction.

If a permit has been revoked due to a missed payment, a person will need to reapply for a permit. The Council cannot guarantee that a permit will be re-issued. The Council may require full payment for any new permit and reserves the right not to continue to agree to monthly or quarterly instalments.

Payments are required to be made via our online platform, Whakatutuki, and must be administered by the permit holder. Cash, direct debit or automatic payments are not available as payment options.

Permit holder responsibilities

  • You are responsible for all permits issued to you.
  • If you sell your vehicle you must inform the Council and the permit will be cancelled. If your new vehicle is an eligible vehicle you may apply for the previous permit to be transferred to the new vehicle. 
  • If you move to a new house, you must inform the Council and the permit will be cancelled. If your new address is eligible you may apply for a new permit for the new address.
  • Parking availability is not guaranteed and can be affected by roadworks or construction.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, you may be asked to complete a statutory declaration and provide a Police Incident Report/Police Event Number. These requirements minimise the risk of misuse.
  • Permits must not be sold, transferred or allocated to another person or vehicle not owned by the applicant. Misuse or fraud will result in your permit being revoked and the possible referral of the matter to other agencies such as the Police.
  • The Council will send out an expiry notice 4 weeks before your permit expiry date. We cannot guarantee that every expiry notice will be received and it’s your responsibility to apply for a new permit before it expires.
  • For businesses issued permits, you must inform the Council if you stop trading. These permits can only be used by an employee or owner of the business.
  • Opting into paying the annual fee via instalments requires payments to be made by each due date to ensure the continued use of the parking permit.
  • Payment is required before a permit is issued.
  • All vehicles issued parking permits must have a current warrant of fitness/certificate of fitness and registration.
  • A permit holder must comply with the road user rules under the Land Transport (Road User) Act 2008 and all applicable bylaws, such as, but not limited to:
    • do not park across any driveway/kerb-crossing or within 1 metre of a driveway/kerb-crossing (even the driveway to access your own property),
    • do not park on the footpath or berm.
    • to park in a safe, considerate and unobstructive manner.
    • signs such as Clearway, No stopping, No parking, Bus, Loading, Mobility Parking zones/spaces (unless displaying a valid mobility parking permit).
    • designated vehicle type spaces if your vehicle is not the right vehicle type.

Revoking a permit

The Council reserves the right to revoke any permit/s. A permit may be revoked when a permit holder:

  • gives the Council false information
  • uses a permit fraudulently
  • supplies a permit to others not entitled to use it
  • no longer meets the qualifying criteria
  • has not made a payment
  • doesn’t adhere to the permit holder responsibilities.

The Council may refuse to approve a future permit application to anyone who has misused their permit, failed to comply with the terms of a permit, or has had a permit revoked.