Managing your permits

Use our online platform, Whakatutuki, to update or cancel Berhampore and Newtown west resident parking permits and issue visitor day passes.

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Moving house

Moving away from the parking zone

If you move away from the parking zone the permit is issued for, you should cancel your resident parking permit in Whakatutuki.

You need to apply for a new permit in the new zone you move to if it has a resident parking scheme.

Within the parking zone

If you move house within the same zone, you need to update your street address and upload a new proof of address in Whakatutuki.

We'll review your application and contact you within 2 working days with an update. Moving to a new address could affect your eligibility for a resident parking permit.

Changing your vehicle

If you sell your vehicle and buy a new one, you need to change your vehicle plate number in Whakatutuki.

We'll verify your new vehicle's eligibility, registration address, ownership and compliance. We'll contact you within 2 working days with an outcome. Changing your vehicle could affect your eligibility for a resident parking permit.

Cancel your permit

If you no longer need a resident parking permit, you can cancel your permit in Whakatutuki.


When you cancel your resident parking permit, we'll process it and contact you to arrange a refund within 10 working days.

The refund is calculated on the number of full months left on the permit, from the date of the request.  However, we don't provide a refund if there are three months or less left on the permit.

Issuing visitor day passes

A day pass allows anyone visiting your home to park for longer in a three-hour time limit space (P180).

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  • issue visitor day passes
  • see the number of available passes, passes issued and used.

You issue a day pass to your visitor's licence plate number. You can choose one day or as many days as required. Each pass is valid for a single calendar day.

They can be issued in advance or on the day they're going to be used.

If a visitor day pass you've issued is no longer needed, you can cancel the pass – do this before 8am on the date of the pass.

If you have used your annual free allocation, you will be able to purchase additional day passes through Whakatutuki. These are $18 each.

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