Council rubbish bags

For collections, all rubbish must be in an official Wellington City Council rubbish bag.

Official rubbish bag.

Official Council rubbish bag

Why use official Council rubbish bags?

Your rubbish must be in an official yellow Council rubbish bag in order for it to be picked up from the kerbside by our collectors. Wellington rubbish collections are funded through the cost of these bags.

How much are Council rubbish bags?

The recommended retail price (GST included) for our official Council bags is:

  • $12.50 for five bags
  • $2.50 per bag.

Where can I buy Council rubbish bags

You can buy official Council rubbish bags at:

  • supermarkets and some dairies
  • Johnsonville, Kilbirnie, Newtown or Tawa libraries – view branches
  • the Tip Shop at the Southern Landfill.

Weight limit

The 70L yellow bag have a weight limit of 15kg. If your rubbish bag exceeds this weight it may not be collected.

Collector safety

For the safety of our collectors, please thoroughly wrap any sharp objects, such as broken glass, crockery and metal, before disposal.