Tip Shop and Recycle Centre

The Tip Shop accepts donated items that people no longer want that are still in usable condition and gives them a second life.

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Our mission

Wellington City Council is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling waste. The Tip Shop and Recycle Centre is just one of the ways we divert waste from the landfill. Before you throw out that old toaster or that set of golf clubs gathering cobwebs in the garden shed, consider giving it a second life at the Tip Shop.

Location and hours

View Tip Shop and Recycle Centre location and hours

Pick up a bargain

As well as being a place to drop of items, the shop is a great place to pick up a range bargains. The Tip Shop sells:

  • furniture
  • bric-a-brac
  • building materials
  • tools
  • toys
  • books
  • clothes
  • bike parts.

Dropping off items

The Tip Shop is a great way to make sure your items have a second life. The above list should give you an idea of what items we accept. Due to demand and availability this can change so feel free to get in touch before you drop something off. Please make sure textiles/clothes/furniture are clean, not ripped or torn, and in condition before dropping them off - otherwise we may not accept them.

Check out our Before you visit section before dropping off your items.

Find us online

You can find us on Trade Me account or by searching 'tipshop' in the Trade Me member profile section. Please note, we reserve the right to put items on Trade Me. All profits go towards the running of your favourite Tip Shop.

Or find out about special deals, interesting items on sale, and what's available on the Wellington Tip Shop on Facebook

Tip Shop truck with signage

Tip Shop truck

Check out our awesome Tip Shop truck and team - collecting recoverable stuff from the tipping point and delivering it to the Tip Shop.

It's also designed to increase visibility and engage people around reducing, reusing and waste minimisation. Feel free to have a chat with driver, who will be happy to talk about what they do and why.

There is no collection service.

Water tanks

200 litre water tanks are available at the Tip Shop during opening hours, including weekends.

Cost: $115
Limit of 2 tanks per family. If you want more than that, contact The Tank Guy directly.

As the water tanks are in high demand, stocks often run out, so please call our Contact Centre to make sure there are plenty available before you head up there. See water tanks and water containers for more information.

Garden products

You can also buy bagged compost and garden products at the Tip Shop. View our Capital Compost product range.

More information

For more information get in touch with the Contact Centre.

More information

For more information get in touch with our Tip Shop staff.

Phone: 04 383 4438

Email: tipshopinquiries@wcc.govt.nz