Skip bins

When you hire a skip bin, you will need a permit unless you can place it on your own property.

Applying for a permit

If you can't place your skip bin on your own property, you will need to apply for a permit by filling out our simple online form.

Apply at least two working or business days before you need the skip bin. Once we receive and approve your application, we’ll email you a permit in the form of a PDF file. 

A bin permit is for a maximum of 14 calendar days.

If for some reason we can’t approve your application in the first instance, we’ll contact you to discuss other options.

Skip bins and shipping containers - Information sheet (207KB PDF)

Apply for a skip bin permit



A skip bin permit is free – unless it will be placed in restricted parking.

Examples of restricted parking include:

  • Pay by Space metered parking
  • resident parking
  • coupon parking
  • time-restricted parking (eg, P30, P120 etc)

If the skip bin is placed in restricted parking, you'll need to pay for the use of that space, on a per-day basis.

The cost of using restricted parking is the same as that of a trade parking coupon, and we will let you know the total payable amount when assessing your application. Once the payment is made we'll send you your skip bin permit.

Please note that you can't put a skip bin on:

  • footpaths
  • mobility and diplomatic parking spaces
  • cycleways
  • clearways
  • loading zones.

Your permit will not be valid until the car park fee is paid.

Neighbour's permission

If you can't put the skip bin directly outside your own property and instead want to place it outside your neighbour's property, we will ask that you make contact with that property owner to make sure they are kept in the loop and have no concerns or objections to the placement of the bin.

Terms and conditions

You need to position your skip bin safely:

  • Place it so that it’s not hazardous or a nuisance to any road or footpath user. (Otherwise you’ll need to remove it at your own cost.)
  • Make sure it has white markings and reflective markings so it can be seen at night – depending on the location, you may also need to make sure it is illuminated at night.
  • If you’re placing it on Council property (which includes roads, footpaths, berms and public areas), these are the minimum requirements:
    • white and reflective markers (100mm x 100mm minimum) facing oncoming traffic
    • clearly named with the bin company’s contact details (24-hour contact number)
  • Place it away from manhole covers and access points to underground services or fire hydrants.
  • Place it wholly on the road (not partially on kerb edge or footpath), using blocks if needed for levelling.
  • Leave at least 4m of clear road between it and the outside edge of the car park on the opposite side of the road so that emergency services can get through if they need to.
  • Leave at least 1m between it and driveway access points so that vehicles can easily go in and out.
  • Place it on the road only when it’s required – it can only be there for a maximum of 14 days – it can’t be stored there.
  • For “half skips”, position them so that the opening is facing away from oncoming traffic travelling on the same side of the road.

Legal provisions

We can ask for the skip bin to be moved or relocated at any time if it is hazardous or a nuisance. If you don’t comply when we ask you to move the skip bin, we may move it at your expense.