Unsuitable for kerbside rubbish collection

The Council will collect rubbish that is suitable for collection and in our official rubbish bags.

To find out more about disposal options for specific items check out our What to do with your waste search.

Hazardous waste

You cannot put hazardous waste in your rubbish such as:

  • medical syringes
  • car batteries
  • paints, oils, chemicals, fuels and solvents
  • pesticides and other toxic compounds
  • containers that previously held any of the above liquids
  • all types of gas bottles and cylinders
  • CFL power-saving lightbulbs and other fluorescent lamps
  • explosives, hot ashes, highly inflammable material or infectious material

These items are a hazard to our collectors. Take household hazardous waste products to the hazardous waste store at the Southern Landfill Transfer Station.


Kerbside rubbish collections are not an appropriate way to dispose of liquids, even if they’re in containers. Please don’t put any liquids in your yellow bags.

Hazardous liquids can be taken to the hazardous waste store at the Southern Landfill Transfer Station.

Never put hazardous liquid waste into stormwater drains as this system flows without treatment into streams and the sea.

Garden/green waste

Rubbish bags cannot contain more than 10% green waste. Take green waste (such as grass clippings, hedge trimmings, small logs and soil) to the Southern Landfill for composting, or compost it at home.

Commercial waste

Commercial or industrial waste, including trade waste, offal or dead animals cannot go in domestic rubbish bags. Private waste contractors collect these types of waste.  

Large amounts of rubbish

The 70 litre Council rubbish bags have a weight limit of 15kg. If your rubbish bag exceeds this weight it may not be collected. You may consider:

Sharp or dangerous objects – Safety of our collectors

To ensure the safety of our collectors please ensure any sharp or dangerous items are wrapped safely in paper, or bring them to the Southern Landfill Transfer Station for disposal. 


Under the Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2020 fines of up to $400 can apply if you:

  • leave rubbish out for collection that is not in an official Wellington City Council rubbish bag
  • do not remove any rubbish which Council staff have left behind because it is unsuitable for collection.

Report people who dump rubbish

Report people who dump rubbish on the side of the road, by streams, on beaches or in our parks and reserves. This pollutes our environment and harms wildlife. Report via our 
Contact Centre.