2021 Tawa Community Board by-election

A by-election was held to fill one extraordinary vacancy on the Tawa Community Board.

The vacancy was the result of Steph Knight resigning.

Final result

Candidate Status Iteration Votes
Malcolm Alexander  Elected 4 1,151
Tim Davin  Excluded 4 844
Clint Schoultz  Excluded
3 526
Janryll Fernandez  Excluded
2 390
Michael Blank  Excluded
1 161

Final result - Wellington City Council 2021 tawa Community board By-election (33KB PDF)
Final result report - Wellington City Council 2021 tawa Community board By-election (14KB PDF)

Expenses and donations

Malcolm Alexander - Expenses and Donations Form (1.96MB PDF)
Mike Blank - Expenses and Donations Form (495 KB PDF)
Tim Davin - Expenses and Donations Form (1.51MB PDF)
Janryll Fernandez - Expenses and Donations Form (90KB PDF)
Clint Schoultz - Expenses and Donations Form (73KB PDF)


Nominations for the position closed noon Thursday 11 March 2021 and there were 5 nominations received.

The nominees are: 

Election details

An election was required to fill this vacancy, the election was conducted by postal voting under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system. Candidate names were listed in random order on the voting papers. 

Learn more about STV: Elections - electoral systems

Electoral Officer details

The Electoral Officer for this by-election is Warwick Lampp. The Electoral Officer can be contacted by: Phone 0800 666 935 or email iro@electionz.com.

The Deputy Electoral Officer for this by-election is Jennifer Parker. Jennifer is the Democracy Services Manager for Wellington City Council and can be contacted by phone on 04 499 4444 or email to election@wcc.govt.nz.