Apply for, change or cancel a resource consent

Resource consent applications take between 20 and 75 working days for us to process. How long it takes depends on whether your proposed project needs to be notified, and if your application includes all the necessary information.

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When you need to apply

You need resource consent if your proposed building work, sign or activity does not comply with the District Plan or a National Environmental Standard.

These how-to guides detail some of the situations where you might need resource consent, and how you need to go about getting consent:

Find out more about resource consents.

Meet with us before you apply

Before you apply for resource consent for your project, we recommend you arrange a pre-application meeting with us to discuss your plans and get some advice. It may save you some time and money.

Send your application to:

Resource Consents Team, Wellington City Council

Phone 04 801 3590
Postal Address PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140