Food control plans & national programmes

Depending on the type of business you have, you will need to operate under a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme (NP).

What plan do I use?

Not sure of what type of plan to use? To work out where your food activity or business fits within the Food Act rules, use the Ministry of Primary Industries tool, My food rules.

The Food Control Plan will apply to businesses such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways. While National Programmes are used by small scale manufacturers, honey producers, fruit and vege sellers, brewers and coffee roasters.

Food control plans

A food control plan (FCP) sets out what steps a business making or selling foods needs to take to make safe food.

There are two types of FCPs.

  • Template food control plans (template FCPs) – you can build your plan from templates supplied by MPI. These plans are generally for cafes and restaurants.
  • Custom food control plans (custom FCPs) – you develop your own plan. These are registered directly with MPI. These plans are for higher risk businesses like manufacturers of baby food, ready to eat frozen food, soy products and commercially sterilised food.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has developed forms and templates for food businesses to use. These forms help you to identify risks, and to show how you can manage those risks. See: Food control plans – MPI

National programmes

National Programmes (NP) are a way for lower-risk food business to operate under the Food Act. NPs do not use templates; however, you must keep some records to demonstrate that the food you make is safe.

There are 3 levels of national programmes, which are based on the food safety risk of the activities a business does:

  • Level 1 – lower risk (examples: coffee carts, packhouses, food delivery, extractors and packers of honey)
  • Level 2 – medium risk (examples: early childcare centres, coffee roasters, bakers of bread and bread products only)
  • Level 3 – higher risk (examples: brewers, dairies)

For more information on National Programmes (NP), check out the MPI guidance material.

Food control plan templates

The following templates are available to download from the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) website:

If you like more information you can use the following plan with any relevant add ons:

You can visit our Service Centre and pay for a bound copy of the following documents:

Simply safe and suitable food control plan template
Food control plan diary

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