Food safety fees

The full list of food safety fees and when they apply.

Registration fees

Applying for a food registration certificate


Charges (including GST)

New registration


Pre-opening inspection (1 hour)


Additional time (per hour)


Grease trap fees

Grease trap fees are due when you first register and when you renew your registration.

Grease converter


Grease trap: big dipper or passive


Grease trap: shared


Verification fees

Verification of your food business

Standard food control plan verification fee


Standard national programme verification fee


Additional time (per hour)


Renewal fees

Renewing your food registration certificate

Food control plan registration renewal fee (every year)


National programme registration renewal fee (every second year)


Note: Grease trap fees will also apply when renewing your registration.

Fees for changes to your registration

Significant changes


Minor changes


Voluntary suspension of operations


Compliance fees

Issue of enforcement notice


Application for review of outcome


Statement of compliance


Additional charges for time spent on site (per hour)


Infringement for operating without a registration


Paying food safety fees

The email or letter you receive when we send the invoice will confirm the date you need to make payment by. This is the correct date, not the 20th of the month following, as may be stated in the invoice.

Pay online

Pay in person

Pay by post

Late payments

Late payments are calculated as Charge + 10%. You can pay online or at our Service Centre.

A late payment will incur all costs and expenses associated with recovery of the overdue amount, including debt collection or legal fees.

Paying additional fees

You'll be sent an invoice for any additional fees. Payment is due the 20th of the month following the date on the invoice.

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