Apply for a Certificate of Registration

If you want to sell food, you’ll need to apply for a Certificate of Registration.

Food registration certificates – COVID-19 update

We will continue to process all existing and any new food registration certificates. 

Anyone who has a certificate that is due to be renewed during this shutdown period will be contacted prior to their expiry to confirm whether they wish to renew it. However we will be unable to progress any renewals until we are back to normal business. Once businesses are permitted to start trading again we will allocate extra resource to ensure these applications are processed ASAP.

Food sellers are any person or business selling food for human consumption. This includes restaurants, takeaway premises, internet sales, food stall and food truck operators. All food businesses need to meet the requirements of the Food Act 2014 and the Food Regulations 2015, and this includes being registered.

Depending on the type of business you have, you will need to operate under a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme (NP).

Not sure where your business fits? Check out My Food Rules on the MPI website


  1. Complete the application form and pay the initial fee.
  2. Decide which plan you will need to operate under Food Control Plan (FCP) or a National Programme (NP).
  3. Download the sections of the Food Control Plan that apply to your business. Tailor the plan to your processes and train your staff.
  4. A registration officer will make contact with you to arrange an initial inspection and to approve your business to operate. This will usually happen within 1 week from when you apply.
  5. You will be issued with a food registration certificate that will allow you to trade.
  6. After your first month of operation a verifier will undertake a verification with you to assess your procedures and paperwork and make sure all safety procedures and plans are being followed. 

How to apply

Apply online

Printable application forms:

  • Application form (710KB PDF) - Use this form if you are a food business registering in Wellington
  • Multiple site details (768KB PDF) - Complete this form, AND the application form, if your registration covers more than one site in Wellington, or if you are adding a site to an existing business

The information sheet below contains definitions to help you understand the information you need to provide:

Information sheet for registration of food business – Food Act 2014 (71KB PDF)


Before you start, check that you have everything you need:

  • a confirmation letter from your National Programme verifier if you haven't chosen Wellington City Council
  • a copy of your company registration certificate if your business is a registered limited liability company
  • confirmation that the operator of the food businesses is resident in New Zealand within the meaning of section YD 1 or YD 2 (excluding section YD 2(2)) of the Income Tax Act 2007
  • your previous registration IDs if you were registered with either the Ministry for Primary Industries or your local council before 1 March 2016
  • application fee payment details
  • written permission from the premises owner or event organiser to trade if you are a mobile vendor or food stall owner.

Taking over an existing food business

A food business registration including Food Control Plans and National Programmes cannot be transferred to new owners. 

If you are planning to take over a food business you will need to complete an application for registration under the Food Act 2014.

More information

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