Food Safety

The Council inspects food premises, investigates complaints and gives information on making, giving away and selling food.

Have you signed up to the Food Act?

If you are one of the following food service businesses, make sure you are registered under the Food Act 2014 by 31 March 2018.

  • Food service – restaurant, cafe, food truck, food stall
  • Bakery – wholesale and retail
  • Meat processors – butcher, fishmonger
  • Manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages

If you are not sure, visit Where Do I Fit? - Ministry for Primary Industries or talk to our environment health officers at our Service Centre, 101 Wakefield Street.

Changes under the Food Act 2014

The Food Act 2014 applies to anyone providing food to the public.

    Make a complaint

    How to make a complaint about food or food hygiene.


      Fees for registering a food premises.


        Practical advice and information on grading, training and safe food practices.