Find out about registering your dog, owner responsibilities, public exercise spaces, lost and impounded dogs, and reporting a dog attack.

Dogs registrations – COVID-19 update

Dog registrations: 2020 registration fees are not due until 1 July 2020. In the meantime, any registrations for new puppies or dogs entering Wellington will be processed so that we have their details on the National Dogs Database. We will not charge registration fees for dogs registered during the lockdown period.

Dog pound: Animal control officers will return any wandering registered dogs directly to their owners rather than deliver them to the pound (following social-distancing protocols). If we don’t have contact details for you or your dog, they will be taken to the pound. Call us on 04 499 4444 if your dog goes missing and you haven’t had a call from animal control.


How to register and microchip your dog, get the responsible owner discount, change ownership details...

Exercise areas

Find out when and where you can exercise your dog in Wellington.

Owner responsibilities

Dog owners must meet certain responsibilities such as controlling and cleaning up after your dog. Do...


Every year in Wellington there are about 100 reported dog attacks.

    Lost & impounded

    The Council has contracted Animal Services to perform dog control throughout the city.

      Policies & bylaws

      The Council aims to provide reasonable policies for dog owners and their pets while promoting a safe...