Microchipping your dog

Microchipping makes sure dogs can be quickly identified should they go missing, be stolen or be injured.

Responsible Dog Owner (RDO) applications and courses

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Dog being scanned with a microchip scanner.
Microchip scanner

All dogs registered after 1 July 2006, except working dogs, need to be microchipped.

New puppies and dogs

You are legally required to register a puppy by 3 months old and have it implanted with an approved microchip in the following two months.

Please send a copy of the microchip number (for example the microchip certificate from your vet) to dogs@wcc.govt.nz

This requirement was introduced on 1 July 2006. 

Penalities for not microchipping

If you don't have your dog microchipped, you may:

  • receive a warning or infringement fine of $300
  • have your dog seized
  • be prosecuted.

More information

For more information on microchipping, visit:

Dog Control - Department of Internal Affairs