Quick building consents

In some cases we can treat the consent for low risk, minor building work as a ‘quick consent’. This means that we will process and grant your building consent in a shorter time-frame than the statutory 20 working days.

The decision to give work a quick consent will be made by the the Council when we get your application, and can only apply to work that we consider ‘Standard residential’ or ‘Standard commercial’. Either

  • the work needs to comply with Acceptable Solutions under the New Zealand Building Code, or
  • it is proposed that the work will be done using standard building practices.

For us to consider giving your work a quick consent, the work must not be subject to

  • District Plan rules
  • Resource Management Act compliance
  • health issues
  • specific engineering requirements.

Your documentation must be completed to a high standard.

If your application is accepted as a quick consent, a building consent officer will process your application and we will contact you when the consent is ready to be issued. 

If an application is not suitable as a quick consent, it will be processed as a standard building consent.