Forms and guidance on how to apply for a building consent.

Applying for a building consent is an essential step in a building project that requires approval.

When you apply for a building consent you need to supply detailed information, documentation and a fee based on the value of the project.

Apply online

Note: There is a fee for using Simpli to apply online.

How to apply online video

Apply for a consent using the paper form

Guide to the building consents process



A general guide to the building consents process (364KB PDF)



Text version (1.1MB RTF)

This guide is essential reading for anyone planning a building project or applying for consent.

You must check if a resource consent is also required for your project.

It's also important to check out: Compliance guidance - Building code clause H1 (energy efficiency) (170KB PDF)

Time frame

Work cannot start until you have a building consent and all other necessary authorisations (such as resource consents, earthworks bylaw consents).

You need to allow at least 20 working days to obtain a building consent when planning your project.

Granting a building consent

A building consent authority must grant a building consent if it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the provisions of the building code would be met if the building work were properly completed in accordance with the plans and specification that accompanied the application.

However, a building consent authority is not required to grant a building consent until it receives the appropriate fees/charges and any levies payable.

For more information, see: Section 49 - Grant of Building Consent - Building Act 2004 - NZ Legislation

Requirements after a consent has been issued

Once a consent has been issued, work must begin within 12 months and adhere to approved building plans. Inspections are required throughout the construction process in order to secure the final Code Compliance Certificate.

You should plan to complete your project within 24 months.

Apply for a consent online

You can apply online for a Building Consent and/or Project Information Memorandum. You can register as a user and fill in the electronic form for all building consent applications for the Council. Watch this video to see how it works.

Apply for a consent using the paper form

Use the application for building consent (1MB PDF) to apply for a Building Consent, Project Information Memorandum, Fast Track Building Consent, and Certificate of Acceptance. This form is for paper hardcopy applications only. It cannot be supplied to us in an electronic form eg, by email.

Guide to completing the building consent application form (1.17MB PDF)

Additional forms


Energy efficiency

Public use applications

For more information and to apply online: Certificate for Public Use


For building consents issued from 31 March 2005, the Building Act 2004 requires that the building must comply with the issued building consent. Therefore, significant variations from the approved building consent must be officially recorded.

With your amended plan application you must:

  • provide 2 copies of new documentation for the proposed amended work
  • provide 2 copies of the original Council stamped ‘approved plans’ showing the work that you're proposing to amend
  • on every document, clearly highlight the proposed work to be amended.

Use the application for building consent form for:

  • amendments to building consents that have already been issued
  • amendments to compliance schedules.

Minor variations to a building consent

A minor variation is a minor modification, addition, or variation to a building consent that does not differ significantly from the plans and specifications to which the building consent relates.

Examples of a minor variation: 

  • Minor adjustments (less than 200mm) to room dimensions (other than facilities for people with disabilities)
  • Layout (position) of plumbing fixtures within rooms (other than for facilities for people with disabilities)
  • Repositioning of doors and windows (same opening size) that do not affect bracing elements or fire egress routes or point loads

You will need to let the Council know of your intention to make a minor variation and seek their approval. This can be done by contacting the building team or on site with the inspector. If we are satisfied that the proposed change is minor it will be recorded by the inspector on the site note or in writing and kept with the consent documentation in the Council's system.

More information

Send or deliver your application to the Building Compliance and Consents team.

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