Building consents

A building consent confirms that proposed building work complies with the Building Code. If you need a building consent, you must get it before building work starts.

Building consents – COVID-19 update

We’re prioritising work that relates to essential services or public health and safety.

Work requiring a building consent: We recommend you do not undertake work that requires a building consent at this time. If you are planning any do-it-yourself (DIY) activity during the lockdown you will need to check whether or not you will need a building consent.

Existing building consents: If you already have a building consent, the required inspections are listed in your approved building consent letter. It is important that you not progress any building work beyond these points as missed inspections will likely mean that we will be unable to issue a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) at the end of the work. As per our regular practice we will not be accepting photographs in lieu of site visits.

Building inspections: If you currently have a building inspection booked in with us please note this service is suspended. When we are able to resume inspections we will do so in the existing order of bookings. We are no longer taking future bookings for building inspections until we are back up and running.