Leisure Card

Wellington City Council's Leisure Card is a free personalised membership scheme that gives discounted entry into a range of recreation services.

Leisure Card.

The card helps people access recreational services when price might otherwise be a barrier.

You can qualify for the card if you are a Wellington city resident and if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You are a Community Services Card holder.
  • You have a permanent disability.
  • You are on the green prescription (GRx) scheme.
  • You are a SuperGold Card holder.
  • You are a Wellington City Council Housing tenant.
  • You arrived in New Zealand in the last 12 months for the first time, and have a Residents Visa. Please note, you can only apply once under this category.


The Leisure Card will give you access to the following discounts at Wellington City Council facilities:

  • Wellington pools – 50% discount on entry, including spa and sauna, and 20% discount on swimming lessons and Club Active fitness centre memberships (excludes Khandallah Summer Pool)
  • Wellington recreation centres – 50% discount on entry and up to 20% discount on programmes
  • Wellington City Libraries – 50% discount on all reserves, CD and DVD loans. Excludes items from the Select: Sound & Vision Collection.

Who can use my Leisure Card

If a Leisure Card is issued using the Green Prescription, Permanent Disability or to a child on a Community Services Card, only the card holder is eligible to use the card for a discount.

If a Leisure Card is issued using the Community Services Card, SuperGold Card, Wellington City Council Housing tenant or New Arrival to New Zealand criteria, the Leisure Card holder and family or whanau living in the same household are eligible to a discount. The Leisure Card holder must be present for the family discount entitlement to apply.

Apply for or renew a Leisure Card

Check that you have proof of eligibility

To apply or to renew your Leisure Card, you must show proof that you are a Wellington city resident.

  • This could be a recent utility bill or bank statement, dated within the last 6 months, that shows your name and address. You can cut off the top of the bill and show us that.

You will also need to provide ONE of the following:

  • a photocopy of both sides of your Community Services or SuperGold card
  • a Green Prescription referral
  • a recent letter from Work and Income, dated within the last 6 months, that shows your name, address and client number
  • a photocopy of entry date stamp in passport, and resident visa
  • a letter from your health professional stating that you have a permanent disability
  • proof of City Housing tenancy, ie proof of your address like the one above.

If you are applying online and need scanned copies of your documents, you can take them to the Central Library and a staff member will scan and email them to you for a small fee.

New applicants

If you’re applying for the first time, we’ll also need a photo of your head and shoulders. You can take this yourself or we can take one for you at any Wellington City Council swimming pool, the Service Centre on Wakefield Street, or Smart Newtown next to Newtown Library.

All eligibility proof can be free posted to us (see form) or emailed to us at leisurecard@wcc.govt.nz

Are you a SuperGold Card holder or have a permanent disability?

SuperGold card holders and those with a permanent disability are eligible for lifelong Leisure Card membership and only need to apply once.

Complete the form

Apply or renew online

Or you can print this form, complete it and send it in to us.

Enrolment forms are also available at librariespools, and recreation centres.

Using the Leisure Card

You can use the Leisure Card as many times as you want. The card is valid for 1 year. After that, if your circumstances have not changed, you can apply to renew for an additional year. We still need proof you are eligible but we don't need a new photo. Send us:

  • a copy of your Community Services card, a recent letter from Work and Income, or your renewed Green Prescription referral
  • proof you still live in Wellington

Lost Leisure Card

If you've lost your Leisure Card, contact the Leisure Card coordinator.

More information

Leisure Card Coordinator

Phone 04 806 4745
Email leisurecard@wcc.govt.nz