LeisureCard membership

Find out how to apply or renew your LeisureCard membership and what discounts are available.

LeisureCard member discounts

The LeisureCard give you access to the following discounts at our facilities:

  • Swimming pools – 50% off casual entry, including spa and sauna
  • Recreation centres – 50% off casual entry, 20% off programmes (excluding holiday programmes)
  • SwimWell – 20% off swimming lessons
  • Club Active – 20% off group fitness classes and memberships
  • Wellington City Libraries – 50% off CD and DVD loans (excludes items from the Select: Sound & Vision Collection).

The LeisureCard will also give you a discount at:

  • Wellington Zoo – concession rate of $20 for adult entry 
  • Zealandia EcoSantuary – concession rate of $21 for adult entry
  • Switched on Bikes  50% off bike hire (excluding mountain bikes and long-term rentals).

Who can apply

The card is automatically available to you if you are receiving support through one of the following organisations:

You can also apply for a LeisureCard yourself if you have a valid Community Services Card or if you are living with a permanent disability or long-term illness.

To be eligible, you must be a Wellington City resident.

Are SuperGold Card holders eligible?

Only SuperGold card holders with a SuperGold+CSC “combo Card” are eligible for the LeisureCard, under the Community Services Card category. 

SuperGold card holders get a standard 20% discount at our pools and recreation centres just by showing their SuperGold card (excludes Club Active gym memberships). 

Are students eligible?

Some students may be eligible for a Community Services Card and so once they have obtained one, they may apply for a LeisureCard under this category.

All tertiary students are able to get a standard 20% discount off casual entry at all of our recreation facilities.

Who else can use my LeisureCard?

LeisureCard obtained through the Green Prescription scheme and presented to those who are living with a permanent disability or long-term illness are for individual use only.

All other LeisureCard holders may use their card to discount any dependent children and additional whānau living at the same address. You will need to add tamariki and whānau members to your account which is easily done in any recreation facility.

Note: To add whānau members over 18 to your account, please bring along proof that they are living at the same address (eg a mobile phone bill).

How to apply

If you have not received a LeisureCard automatically through one of our partner organisations, you can apply for one if you have a valid Community Services Card or if you are living with a permanent disability or long-term illness.

To apply you will need to provide your valid Community Services Card, or a letter from your GP confirming that you are living with a permanent disability or long-term illness. 

You can apply online, or in person at any one of our libraries, or Arapaki Library & Service Centre on Manners Street. Just make sure to bring a photo ID with you, as well as your proof of eligibility and proof of address (e.g. a copy of a bill or bank statement).

Apply or renew online

Expiry and renewal

You can use the LeisureCard as many times as you want.

The card is valid for two years (or indefinitely if you are living with a permanent disability or long-term illness). After that, if your circumstances have not changed, you can easily renew it at one of our facilities, just bring along refreshed proof that you are eligible and ask at the front desk.

Contact us

If you need help or have feedback on the LeisureCard scheme or one of the related services, email us at LeisureCard@wcc.govt.nz or phone our Bookings and Memberships Officer on 021 247 9745.