Mountain biking tracks

Wellington's hilly terrain makes it a great place for mountain biking. Find ways to get involved and make the most of the many diverse tracks right on your doorstep.

Plan your ride

Before you go, make sure you’re prepared.

Mountain biking map

These websites have great resources to help you:

Finding the right track

To plan your ride and find the right track for your skill level, use these resources:

Popular tracks

We maintain popular tracks around the city to make sure they’re safe for you to enjoy.

Skills areas

We’ve created four skills areas to help kids develop basic techniques to cycle off-road. The locations are:

  • Alexandra Road, Mount Victoria – Newtown-end of the road in the Town Belt
  • Makara Peak mountain bike park
  • Miramar water towers – off Main Road near Wellington Prison
  • South Coast Kids' Track, Adelaide Road, Island Bay – next to Berhampore/Island Bay skate park. 

Stay up to date

There's so much going on across all the track networks in the city. Stay up to date with the latest trail building, organised events, tree planting and trapping through these Facebook groups:

Mountain Bike NZ Code of Conduct

Because Wellington's tracks are used by many people, the Council supports Mountain Bike NZ's Code of Conduct.

Mountain Bike New Zealand