Building inspections

As the building owner, you're responsible for ensuring all the inspections that are listed on your building consent approval letter are undertaken.

How inspections work

We carry out building inspections to check that what gets built matches what's in the building consent.

We estimate the type and number of inspections you'll need when processing your building consent application. These inspections are covered in the fee you paid before receiving your consent. Your building consent approval letter will tell you which inspections you need.

All required inspections must be completed before you can get a code compliance certificate.

Engineering inspections

If you need engineering inspections, you need to organise and pay for these separately with your engineer. Once they've completed the inspection, they'll provide you or your agent with a report. You'll need to pass this report on to the Council at or before the Council inspection.

Booking an inspection

Inspections will need to be booked at various stages during building work. As it's your responsibility to make sure they are carried out, you'll need talk to your tradespeople about booking them. If you have multiple inspections to book, we may be able to combine them into one visit.

Appointments are available:

8am–12 noon and 1pm–4pm

To book, phone the Building Inspections team on 04 801 3813.

Note: As the availability of our inspectors can vary, we recommend booking in advance to avoid delays.

What you need to provide when you book

You'll need the:

  • service request number (SR number)
  • address of the property where building work is being done
  • type of inspection required
  • name and phone number of the on-site contact person.

If you need to reschedule or cancel

You must reschedule or cancel an inspection by 4pm the business day before the inspection was due. If you don't, you may be charged a fee.

Call the Building Inspections team on 04 801 3813, or email

During the inspection

To avoid having to pay for extra inspections, make sure:

  • you have a copy of your stamped approved building consent plans and specifications on site
  • your tradesperson is on site to answer any questions
  • your site is safe and accessible for the inspectors and any visitors.

Your tradesperson will also need to provide documents that show how the work complies with your building consent – for example, a producer statement.

Documents and certificates to collect

After the inspection

After every inspection the inspector will email a site report to you and anyone else named as a contact on your building consent. The report will state if you've:

  • passed
  • failed – you’ll need to address the problem and book a re-inspection, or if the problem is severe you may be issued with a Notice to Fix.

If you get a fail

If the building work differs from the consented plans, or there is a major non-compliance, you'll get an instruction in the site report for your tradesperson to fix the non-compliant items.

We will tell you if work can continue while you fix the failed items, or if an amendment to your consent is required. If an amendment is required, work on this area must stop.

After the issue has been fixed, you’ll need to either:

  • provide evidence, such as a statement from your tradesperson or photos of the work, to show that the problem has been addressed
  • book a re-inspection if you can’t provide sufficient evidence or there's too many items that needed fixing.

If we are satisfied that the work is now compliant, you'll be issued another site report passing the items that failed.

If we're not satisfied or the problem is more severe, you may be issued with a Notice to Fix.

If you're issued a Notice to Fix

A Notice to Fix is a legal document that outlines:

  • work that doesn't comply with your consent or the Building Code
  • a reasonable time frame to rectify the problem.

If you're issued a Notice to Fix on your final inspection, the clock will stop on your code compliance certificate application until the work has been completed and a final re-inspection has been booked and passed.

The time it takes to investigate the non-compliant work and produce a Notice to Fix is billed on Wellington City Council time at $217.00 per hour.

Note: If the Notice to Fix isn’t acted on within the time frame stated, we may issue an infringement notice under section 402 of the Building Act and a $1,000 fine.

Acting on a Notice to Fix – Building Performance

What you need to do

You'll need to consult with your tradesperson to get the building work fixed on time and follow the terms and conditions stated in the Notice to Fix.

Making a change to your building consent

When building work is finished

When your building and plumbing work is finished and the final inspections are completed, you'll need to apply for your code compliance certificate.

Applying for a code compliance certificate

Our inspectors have limited slots each day for final inspections — please book at least 48 hours in advance.

If you need inspections not listed in your approval letter

You might need extra inspections if:

  • your engineer or tradesperson recommends it
  • your project is managed in a way that means multiple inspections are required per inspection type
  • work needs to be re-inspected.

You'll be charged for any additional inspections – these fees will be noted on your final invoice when you get your code compliance certificate.

Contact us

The Building Inspections team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Phone: 04 801 3813