Documents and certificates to collect

Find out what documents to collect from tradespeople doing consented building work on a property you own.

Collect documentation from your tradespeople

Your building consent approval letter and inspection reports list the documents you need to collect from your tradespeople during construction.

These documents will help us to be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building work complies with your consent and the Building Code.

You may be asked for these documents:

  • during inspections
  • when you apply for your code compliance certificate (CCC) after work is finished.

When to collect documents and certificates

Make sure you have copies of documentation before you pay your contractor's final invoice. It can be hard to track down paperwork after a tradeperson has moved on to other jobs.

What you need to collect

Your building consent approval letter and inspection reports list the documents and certificates you need to collect from your tradespeople.

All documentation must be on letterhead paper and include:

  • your Service Request number (SR)
  • the contractor's certified number, name and contact details.

Producer statements (PS)

A producer statement can help us determine whether your building work complies with the Building Code.

Construction review (PS4)

This is a review of the tradesperson's work by a design professional.

Construction producer statement (PS3)

This document has been formatted to help contractors provide the right information for a Code Compliance Certificate application about work they have carried out. It is not be used in lieu of Council inspections.

The PS3 can be:

  • given to the inspector
  • kept on site with the consent documents
  • sent through Simpli attached to the Code Compliance Certificate application
  • emailed to

Producer statement (Construction) (56.9KB PDF)

Plumbing producer statement (PS3)

The Council accepts producer statements for water pipe testing. (This does not cover stacks, waste pipes or drains.) All other work must be inspected by a Council officer. The water pipe test must be completed by a certifying plumber.

When plumbing work is finished, your plumber needs to complete a producer statement (plumbing) form.

The form can be:

  • given to the inspector
  • kept on site with the consent documents
  • sent through Simpli attached to the Code Compliance Certificate application
  • emailed to

Producer statement (Plumbing) (52KB PDF)

Product and installation warranties

A product warranty comes from the manufacturer, installer or business who provided or installed a product in your home.

A warranty must:

  • show the make and type of the product
  • confirm the installer is an approved installer of the product
  • show where the product has been installed in the property
  • confirm the product has been installed according to the manufacturer's specifications.

As-built drainage plan

The drainage plan is a drawing that shows where drains have been laid, and their fittings, connections and extensions.

The plan must show:

  • the date of when drains were laid (month and year) with the drainlayer's name and registration
  • the property boundaries and building outlines at a scale of 1:100
  • laterals, subsoil and plumbing features (for example, gully traps or access points)
  • the drain's connection to public drainage networks
  • the required measurements and north point.

Records of work (Memorandum from Licensed Building Practitioners)

A record of work shows who carried out or supervised the restricted building work in your building consent. Each Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) who has completed restricted building work on your property is required to give you a record of work.

Records of work are kept with the building consent record and are available in the public record.

Certificates and records of work – Building Performance

Energy work certificates

If your building work involves any gas or electricity work, your tradesperson should give you a certificate to show that the work is safe, legal and complete.

Third party site-notes and inspection reports

If inspections were done by an engineer or a specialist, you'll need to provide a copy of their site notes and inspection reports with your CCC application.

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