Closed Petitions

Bus shelter for Kanpur Road, Broadmeadows

Submitted by: Brian Stapleton

Signatures: 4

Date closed: 5 November 2015

Status: Closed

Demand the Island Bay Cycle way be tested for safety by the formula in the Cycling Framework.

Submitted by: Maria van der Meel

Signatures: 33

Date closed: 12 November 2015

Status: Presented

Oppose the petition calling for a bylaw to require cyclists to use cycle lanes at all times

Submitted by: Chris Calvi-Freeman

Signatures: 19

Date closed: 26 June 2015

Status: Closed

A bylaw; To enforce cyclist's use cycle lanes where provided at all times.

Submitted by: Maria van der Meel

Signatures: 18

Date closed: 18 June 2015

Status: Presented

Smoke-free council housing for the majority who now want it.

Submitted by: Abi Hemus

Signatures: 5

Date closed: 13 August 2015

Status: Closed

Install recycling bins in all streets and public spaces

Submitted by: Michael Lowe

Signatures: 518

Date closed: 13 July 2015

Status: Presented

Build a Cycleway through Berhampore Now!

Submitted by: Curtis Nixon

Signatures: 43

Date closed: 21 July 2015

Status: Presented


Submitted by: Keiran O'Meara

Signatures: 273

Date closed: 30 June 2015

Status: Presented

Keith Spry teaching pool to be open to the general public when not in use for swimming lessons.

Submitted by: Nerys Foster

Signatures: 263

Date closed: 25 June 2015

Status: Presented

Suburban Liquor Ban Needed Urgently.

Submitted by: Zachary James Widener

Signatures: 10

Date closed: 11 March 2015

Status: Presented