Closed Petitions

Bring forward improvement of Cheyne Walk Play Area.

Submitted by: Kareem Omar

Signatures: 139

Date closed: 13 March 2014

Status: Presented

Extending plantings of waterfront shade trees

Submitted by: Curtis Nixon

Signatures: 7

Date closed: 20 January 2014

Status: Presented

Native plants in all traffic islands

Submitted by: Amanda Barber

Signatures: 16

Date closed: 1 March 2014

Status: Presented

New Mount Victoria Concrete Staircase

Submitted by: Murray Richard (called Richard) Tingey

Signatures: 11

Date closed: 3 March 2014

Status: Presented

Map of all yellow and red stickered buildings in Wellington

Submitted by: Michael Mckee

Signatures: 8

Date closed: 12 October 2013

Status: Closed

Botanic Garden, 1500 mm x 150 mm Upright, Decorative Concrete, International Peace Symbol.

Submitted by: Murray Richard (called Richard) Tingey

Signatures: 14

Date closed: 5 November 2013

Status: Closed

Install Speed Humps on Freyberg and Queens Drive near Lyall Bay School

Submitted by: Cynthia Knight

Signatures: 79

Date closed: 19 April 2013

Status: Presented

International Peace Symbols on UN Peace Day, Sept. 21, at City Council properties and parks

Submitted by: Murray Richard Tingey

Signatures: 11

Date closed: 3 May 2013

Status: Presented

Close the bus lanes in Manners Street and reinstate pedestrian status in Manners Mall.

Submitted by: Maria van der Meel

Signatures: 86

Date closed: 30 January 2013

Status: Presented

Improve public access between the Railway Station and Harbour Quays across Waterloo Quay

Submitted by: Sarah McMillan

Signatures: 903

Date closed: 18 July 2012

Status: Presented