Our dog registration fee structure rewards good dog ownership.

Head shot of a greyhound, toy poodle cross breed.
Annual dog registration fees are due on 1 July

Pay on time to avoid a penalty fee

Dog registration fees are due on 1 July each year. You will be charged a late payment if you pay after 31 July. The late payment fee is 50% of the fee charged - so you can save a lot by paying on time.


You can reduce your fees by demonstrating responsible dog owner practices and by desexing your dog.

Check your fees

All fees include $2.50 for the National Dog Database Levy. This applies to all dogs except approved guide and hearing dogs.

Adult dogs

Fees for adult dogs vary depending on the type of dog you have and whether it has been desexed.

Fees for adult dogs


Puppies must be registered by the time they are 3 months old. The fees cover the part of the year between the first registration (aged 3 months) and the beginning of the next registration year (1 July).

Fees for puppies

Imported dogs

The fees below cover the part of the year between the first registration on arrival in NZ and the beginning of the next registration year (1 July).

Fees for imported dogs and puppies

Adopted dogs and puppies (SPCA and HUHA)

The following discounted fees apply to the first year of the puppy or dog's registration - from adoption to the beginning of the new registration year (1 July). After the first year of registration, usual fees apply (see Fees for adult dogs table above).

Fees for adopted dogs and puppies

How to pay

Pay online

New registration - After you register your dog for the first time with Wellington City Council, we will email you the payment details. You can then pay online.

Re-registration - Pay online to re-register your dog when you receive your invoice from Wellington City Council in May / June.

Pay a re-registration fee (one dog)

Pay a re-registration fee (multiple dogs)

You'll need to provide your Dog ID Number, which you can find on the top left of your re-registration invoice.

Pay in person

You can pay your dog registration fees using cash, EFTPOS or Amex, Visa or Mastercard at:

  • the Council's Service Centre, 12 Manners Street (8am to 5pm, Monday - Friday; closed public holidays)
  • 73 Moa Point, Wellington (3pm to 5pm, Monday - Friday; 10am to 11am, Saturday; closed public holidays) 

If you are re-registering your dog you can also pay at any Post Shop (bring your barcoded invoice, no credit card payments). 

Late payment surcharge

An additional 50 percent surcharge applies to fees paid on or after 1 August.

Keeping your RDO discount

Responsible dog owners (RDO) must pay fees by 31 July to maintain their RDO status. If you don't pay your fee on time, you lose your RDO status and your discount.

How your fees are used

Registration fees are used to maintain a safe and healthy environment for residents, dog owners and their pets. The Council does not profit from dog fees.

Fees pay for:

  • facilities and maintenance of dog exercise areas
  • signs and advertising about dog bylaws
  • education programmes and campaigns in schools, community groups and businesses
  • dog control, including law enforcement, and attending to complaints and incidents
  • administering the animal shelter at Moa Point
  • administering the dog shelter.