Dog Policy

Wellington Dog Policy (436KB PDF)






  • Responsibilities of the Council
  • Responsibilities of dog owners
  • Access to Public Places

    • Designated public places
    • Controlled public places
    • Exercise areas
    • Criteria to determine exercise areas
    • Criteria to determine if a designated exercise area is suitable for fencing
    • Prohibited places
    • Right of access to a prohibited place
    • Seal colony restrictions
    • Unattended dogs
    • Exemptions
    • Classification of areas under other legislation

    Registration, Fees and Expenditure

    • Registration
    • Fees
    • Registration fees
    • Other fees
    • Dog revenue and expenditure

    Microchipping dogs

    Actively Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership

    • Responsible Dog Owner (RDO) Status
    • Criteria for Responsible Dog Owner Status
    • Cancellation of Responsible Dog Owner Status


    • Dog obedience

    Minimising Nuisance

    • Nuisance
    • Abatement of nuisance
    • Barking dogs

    Menacing and Dangerous Dogs

    • Classification as a menacing dog
    • Neutering of menacing dogs
    • Dangerous dogs


    • Impounding and seizing
    • Impounding fees
    • Infringement notices
    • Prosecution
    • Probationary owners
    • Disqualification of ownership


    • Notice to abate dog nuisance
    • Restriction on diseased dogs or dogs on heat
    • Fouling of public places
    • Dogs in public places
    • Council permission required for more than three dogs


    • Appendix A
    • Appendix B: Maps
    • Appendix C: Offences Under the Dog Control Act 1996
    • Appendix D: Infringement Offences Under the Dog Control Act 1996

    Adopted 2016.