About our funding

Most grants are funded by rates, and go towards community projects.

What we fund

We fund organisations (including limited companies) or individuals who demonstrate they are:

  • sustainable
  • strategic
  • community-focused with a significant presence in the targeted community.

We also fund projects that:

  • fit with the criteria of the fund you are applying for are of benefit to Wellingtonians
  • contribute to Council outcomes and priorities
  • are in the Wellington rate-paying area – this includes Tawa and Linden.

Note: Projects in Petone, Porirua and the Hutt are out of zone for our funding, unless you can specifically show us how and what percentage of Wellington City residents will benefit from your project.

The Divvy

The Divvy is an open data platform we have built to share our funding data, you can look at funding information by year, place/suburb, category as well as seeing what outcomes have been agreed for each grant.

The Divvy

Council funding priorities

The Council's Long Term Plan sets the amount of funding available for community support through grants, as well as key outcomes and priorities that the Council will deliver on. These priorities reflect the Council's strategies, so your funding request should outline how the project would deliver on these.

Long Term Plan 2018-28

Towards 2040: Smart Capital sets out a vision for the future of Wellington city - a vision that builds on the city's existing strengths including its natural beauty, vibrancy, compactness, close-knit communities and people. These are expressed through four goals: people centred city, connected city, eco city and dynamic central city.

Towards 2040: Smart Capital

Specific strategies that are relevant to the Council's funding criteria include the Social and Recreation, Arts and Culture, and Environmental strategies.

The Council also administers funds from other sources, such as bequests.