Plaques and headstones

Memorial plaques take about 8 weeks to complete. Find out how to install, remove or add an inscription to a plaque.

Memorial plaques and headstones must meet each cemetery's design specifications, to preserve a consistent visual standard throughout the cemeteries.

A memorial placement can be authorised by the owner of the Exclusive Right of Interment or, if the owner has died, the immediate next of kin.


Order a plaque

We offer bronze plaques that are produced by a specialist.

They take about 8 weeks to complete, starting from the date draft is accepted.

You can order a plaque at Karori Cemetery office.

Phone: 04 476 6109


Removal and installation

Cemetery staff can remove or install bronze plaques. Complete the relevant section of this form:

Sundry booking form (49KB PDF)


If you prefer to have a commercial mason remove or install a plaque, you need a cemetery work permit. Stone masons will usually apply for the permit on your behalf. Permits require 24 hours notice.


Add an inscription

If you want to add an inscription on an existing plaque, cemetery staff can arrange this.

The Cemeteries' professional plaque contractor completes this work.

Phone: 04 476 6109


Book of Remembrance entry

Family and friends can honour the deceased on the anniversary of their death by making a calendar entry in the cemetery's Book of Remembrance. The book is on display at Karori Cemetery's Main Chapel at all times and pages are turned daily to present memorial messages. A copy is also held at the Karori Cemetery office for perusal during office hours.

To arrange an entry, complete the relevant section of this form:

Sundry booking form (49KB PDF)


Help and support

If you need help, support or more information, contact the Cemeteries team.

Phone: 04 476 6109