Burials are held Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4.15pm. Book a burial site at Karori or Makara Cemetery.

Special arrangements can be made outside these hours and for Saturdays and public holidays, but additional costs apply.

See burial fees:


Book a burial site

To book a burial site, you first need to make a reservation.

1. Make a reservation

To pencil in a reservation, contact Karori Cemetery as soon as possible to check available dates and times.

Email: cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz

2. Complete the application form

Send the form in at least 24 hours before the service.


Natural burials

In a natural burial the body is not embalmed. A biodegradable casket is used to help natural decomposition. A native tree is planted at the head or base of each plot. 

Wellington Natural Cemetery - Information guide (56KB PDF) | Text version (70KB RTF)

Contact Natural Burials

Phone: 0800 525 500
Email: info@naturalburials.co.nz


Burials on an existing grave

Also known as 'subsequent interment,' this is where a burial takes place on an existing grave to allow for the burial of other family members within the same plot.

Disinterment is when remains or ashes are removed from a grave. Remains are either transferred to another plot or removed from the cemetery entirely.

To find out more, contact the Cemetery office:

Email: cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz
Phone: 04 476 6109


Find burial records

Burial records are available for public viewing at the Karori Cemetery office, as well as online:


Help and support

If you need help, support or more information, contact the Cemeteries team.

Email: cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz
Phone: 04 476 6109