Arrange a cremation

Cremations take place at Karori Crematorium on Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4.15pm. Find out how to make a booking and how we can help you.

Special arrangements can be made outside these hours and for Saturdays and public holidays, but additional costs apply.

See cremation fees

Book a cremation

You need to complete a number of forms to arrange a cremation.

Complete the forms

1. The application form collects the details of:

  • the person applying for a cremation
  • what their relationship is to the person who has died
  • the person who has died.

2. The booking form asks you to let us know what you want to have done with the cremated remains.

Return the forms to Karori Cemetery office at least 24 hours before the scheduled cremation time. Once the team has processed the application they’ll send you a summary.

Other forms to complete

Return the following two forms to the Karori Cemetery office at least 4 hours before the scheduled cremation. 

Our staff can help you with these.


After you’ve booked the cremation

Once you’ve booked a cremation, you should think about other services you may need.

Organise a cremation service

If you’re having a cremation service, you need make a reservation first. To pencil a service in, contact Karori Cemetery as soon as possible to check available dates and times.

Phone: 04 476 6109

If there is no chapel service, caskets must be delivered to the Crematorium entrance. A technician will open the entrance 10 minutes before the scheduled cremation and wait for the casket. 


Casket specifications

The Crematorium must approve the casket before cremation.

Caskets must be made of combustible material and the contents must meet the Crematorium guidelines to ensure safety and environmental responsibility.

Talk to the Cemetery staff about casket choices.

Phone: 04 476 6109


Cremation certificate

Certificates of Cremation are available any time on request, and are available 24 hours after the cremation.


Help and support

If you need help, support or more information, contact the Cemeteries team.

Phone: 04 476 6109