Karori Cemetery fees

Find out about or pay fees for services at Karori Cemetery.

Pay cemetery fee

For a detailed list of cremation fees, see: Cremation Fees

Seaforth Memorial Garden
Ash plots (two interments) $990
Memorial plots $530
Bronze plaques - 200mm x 125mm for 100 letters ($1 thereafter) $371
Granite Memorial Book (position only)
See monumental mason for plaque cost
Chapel hire
Per ½ hour $195
Chapel hire for burials $250
Chapel hire for cremation elsewhere (1 hour) $250
Interment fees
Second interment $1182
Ashes $173
Niche placement / removal $173
Vault placement $320
Services sections $646
Services sections - ash plots $173
Stillborn (unmarked section)  
Interment fee $90
Plot $42
Interment of ashes $173
Disinterment of ashes $289
Ash scattering $78
Ash scattering overtime $215
Express ash (weekend collection) $209
Niche placement $173
Casket disinterment $2033
Ash disinterments $263
Late for service fee (1 hour) $50 
Outside district fee-casket interment * $1071
Outside district fee-ash interment * $430
Extra width (per 300mm) $195
Extra depth (per 300mm) $257
Breaking concrete floor $215
Cutting concrete floor $268
Core drilling ash interments (Karori only) $237
Change of deed $77
Plot search charges by staff:
1-3 searches
More than three

no charge
$20 per search
Plot photo request $10
Plaque placement removal $84
Permit fee for monumental work - Karori Cemetery, Rose Garden & Seaforth Memorial Garden only $53
Permit fee for monumental work - elsewhere $92
Non-compliance fee for not having a permit for monumental work
This is additional to standard permit fee.
Lawn plaque (350mm x 250mm) $1260
Bronze memorial wall plaque (135mm x 95mm)  from $297.60
Seaforth/rose Garden Plaque (200mm x 125mm) 
from $371
Single niche (bronze) $893
Plaque (name, date of death, age) (POA)
Single niche (granite) $966
Plaque enquire Monumental Mason
Double niche (bronze) $1182
Plaque (name, date of death, age) (POA)
New double niche (granite) $1613
Plaque enquire Monumental Mason
Services ash plots no charge
Plaque apply Veteran Affairs NZ