Wellington Urban Growth Plan

Adopted June 2015.

Replaced by Spatial Plan 2021

This has been replaced by the He Mahere Mokowā mō Pōneke - A Spatial Plan for Wellington City 2021.

View the final Spatial Plan

The Wellington Urban Growth Plan 2014-2043 incorporates two of the Council's earlier strategies:

  • Urban Development Strategy
  • Transport Strategy

Wellington Urban Growth Plan 2014−2043

Introduction (1.5MB PDF)

  • Context
  • Purpose
  • Key outcomes
  • Where do our population projections come from?
  • Where does the Wellington Urban Growth Plan fit?
  • Review

The city now and by 2043 (2.7MB PDF)

  • Regional context
  • Population and growth
  • Housing
  • Natural environment
  • Climate change
  • City resilience
  • Transport and movement
  • Infrastructure
  • Economy and employment
  • Māori heritage and partnership
  • Historic heritage and character

Our action plan (4.3MB PDF)

  • Our focus areas
  • Key actions
  • Transformational growth areas
  • Liveable and vibrant centres
  • Real transport choices
  • Housing choice and supply
  • Natural environment
  • City resilience

Delivering the plan (487KB PDF)

  • Investment requirements
  • Implementation approach

Reviewing the plan (520KB PDF)

Appendix A (640KB PDF)

  • Key relevant policies and plans
  • Source documents