Find out about the appeals on the 2024 District Plan.

The Council notified decisions on Part One, Schedule One (standard planning process) provisions heard as part of hearing streams 1 - 5 on 5th April 2024. You can view the public notice here.

The appeal period for these provisions closed at 5pm on 20th May 2024.

People who made a submission on the Proposed District Plan had the ability to appeal to the Environment Court if:

  • They referred to the provision or matter in their submission or further submission;
  • The appeal does not seek the withdrawal of the Proposed District Plan as a whole;
    The appeal is in the prescribed form and lodged with the Environment Court; and
  • They serve notice on others.

Following the close of the appeal period, there was a 15-day period within which other parties could join an appeal proceeding. This was restricted to those who made a submission on the subject matter of the appeal or who have an interest greater than the general public. This period ended on 11 June 2024, and the parties who joined other proceedings are listed below.

Wellington City Council does not conduct the appeal process, and is party to the proceedings. Direct any correspondence on the process to the Environment Court.

Contact details for submitters

The below documents provide sufficient detail to determine which submitters made submissions on the provisions and matters subject to appeal: